Saturday, October 6, 2018

Autumn in the Eastern Sierra

It's good to be back at Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierra, enjoying the fall foliage.  Before I get into that, though, thanks to everyone who has downloaded my latest novel, Enemies: A War Story.  Thanks, too, for all of the great reviews so far!  Sales are coming along, but if anyone who has read it wants to help out by adding their own review, just click on the link above.  Thanks!

But on to the foliage part.  California doesn't typically get much in the way of autumn colors, but this part of the state is the exception.

Up here in the mountains, we get some gorgeous stands of aspens, in full glory this time of year.

Having just returned recently to California from another extended stay in Europe, I got back just in time.

It's great to hang out up here, get some writing done in the morning and then take some afternoon hikes.

Right now as I write this it is pouring rain, with lots of hail mixed in, but here are a few more shots from this past week:

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