Saturday, September 14, 2019

View to another era...

When my parents recently decided to sell their home in Laguna Beach after 30 years, it was time for me to pack up whatever possessions I had there and either sell, store or toss them.  In so doing, I ended up going through a whole lot of old photographs, which took me back to various periods in my life.

That's me with my arms crossed, center left.  A motley crew, having fun in the wilds of baja.

We all have these distinct periods, such as our high school years, or maybe our first time living away from home, etc.  It's almost like we experience a whole lot of different lives, yet each one fades away in our memories over time as we move on to the next.

Time for a brewski.

One such period for me was when I lived in San Diego in my 20s.  It was a surfer lifestyle, and there was an extended group of us who were all young, and free, and living a life of adventure.

That meant taking off any chance we got for surf trips south of the border.  We'd pack up our trucks and head south with surfboards, sleeping bags and coolers for our food and beer.  These photos were from one such trip, though I'm not quite sure what year this was.  Maybe 1995?  Or earlier?  Either way, it was well before digital cameras.

Flat tire.

Looking back now, those certainly seem like halcyon days.  My friend Mitch later got married and went into finance, moving to Missouri to start a family.  Barry married, too, and moved to Idaho.  I'm now living in Budapest.  So much for the surf lifestyle, I guess.

Mitch and Barry, checking the surf after a good session.

But time marches on.  New adventures still await, yet who among us wouldn't be young and free forever?  Yes, those were certainly good days.

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