Sunday, February 23, 2020

Summer Down Under

Well, my winter hasn't been so bad, I'd say.  Or, my summer, actually.  I was in Budapest until January 2nd and then decamped for warmer climes.  First stop was Thailand, where I spent a week on Phuket.

I spent my mornings working in cafes, and then headed off on a rental scooter each afternoon to chill out at the beach.  Not bad.  Then it was off to visit friends in Australia, in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Some of my friends further south, in New South Wales, were surrounded by the fires, but where I was in Queensland, all was nice and lush.

So, after three weeks around there, it was off to visit some more friends, this time in New Caledonia.  I love this little piece of France in the South Pacific.  It's a tropical paradise, a little bit like Hawaii but without all of the tourists, and everybody speaks French.

And now, I'm back at home in Laguna Beach, California, visiting friends and family for a few weeks.

Next stop will be back to Budapest.  Currently, they're still in the last gasps of winter over there, though, so I'm not feeling like I'm in any hurry!  In the meantime, I'm finishing up the last revisions of my Spy Girl thriller novel and looking forward to the launch at the end of April.  For anyone who has found their way here to my blog, take care until my next update and happy reading!


  1. I stumbled upon your blog when looking for Writer's Cafes in San Francisco (where I live). I'm glad I found your blog. I'm trying to get in touch with other writers here in the city (I'll go to Cafe Grecco, thanks for the tip!). Hope all is well with you. Keep writing! -Emerald

    1. Hey Emerarudo, I just saw your message! Thanks for getting in touch. I hope that Cafe Grecco and the rest survive these difficult times, and that you'll be able to make it there when things open back up. It is a cool little cafe. If you get there at some point, let me know! Kenneth