Thursday, July 29, 2021

Natalia Nicolaeva series moving to Amazon Exclusive

I was excited to launch Mystery Girl, the latest volume in the Natalia Nicolaeva series this week.  For anybody who has already started it, I hope you are enjoying this one!  I'm feeling proud of it and looking forward to the first reviews coming in, though holding my breath a bit, too.  

For anybody who has been reading this series on a platform other than Amazon, I wanted to give a heads up that I plan to shift it into Amazon's subscription service on the first of August.  That means these books will be available for purchase on Amazon, and also in the Kindle Unlimited subscription service.  Unfortunately, it also means I'll have to pull the ebook versions from the itunes store, as well as Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Google Play.  If you're in the middle of the series on one of those platforms, you can still read the rest of the books on your phone or tablet with the free Kindle app on Amazon.  I apologize in advance for anybody this inconveniences!  If you've already bought them on another platform or plan to in the next few days, you're good to go.  They'll still be there on your device.

In other news, my good friend Adrienne at Vim and Vigor Creative has finished helping me update these first four covers.  Here is the latest below:

I love the way these covers have turned out, so thanks again to Adrienne.  That's it for now, but as usual, happy reading!

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