Friday, April 15, 2022

New Cover Reveal!

I'm still here in Budapest working on the latest Nathan Grant book, but I'm very excited about the new cover I just had designed for my WW II historical novel, Enemies: A War Story.  I'm super proud of this book, which follows the true story of two best friends from Chicago in 1941 when they set off on a world tour, only to be trapped in Germany when Hitler declared war on America.  Can they make it out alive?  

This book came out in 2018, but I always felt like the various covers that I tried never quite captured the essence of the story.  Fast forward to now, and I hired the very talented Tim Barber from Dissect Designs in the UK to help put this one together.  I think he really nailed it!  What do you think?  I'd love to see your comments below.


  1. Hi Ken - it's a fantastic cover! I love the way the perspective pulls your eye in, and then the two silhouettes pop. Very ominous & mysterious, it for sure makes me want to know more.

    1. Thanks, Ellie, great to hear from you! I only just saw your comment. I hope you're doing well!