Sunday, April 26, 2020

Off on a Beach Adventure

As most of the world waits out the coronavirus at home, I'm weathering the pandemic here in Laguna Beach, California.  I came home from Budapest to visit my family in March and have been trapped here ever since, but I am quite fortunate to be riding it out in this beautiful place.  That sort of goes without saying...  All of the beaches and parks are closed in town, but there is one very long beach north of here at Crystal Cove State Park that is open, but only for biking or walking in.  Normally you can park there, but for now there is no easy access.  I was finally able to borrow a bike to ride up there.  Care to come along on the adventure?

First, it's a few miles up the Pacific Coast Highway, and then off through the hills with a great view of the coast.  Onward into the canyon, the mustard is in full bloom.

Then at the bottom of the canyon, as you approach the beach, you come to a tunnel.  I actually grew up here in this spot.  This was a mobile home park for much of the 20th century, and my family was fortunate enough to have a place here.  It's where I spent my summers, running back and forth to the beach through this tunnel.  Normally, it's not full of water like this, but maintenance is at a standstill currently.

It was about 15 years ago that the state kicked out all of us residents and turned it into a state park.  To me, though, it still feels like home.  Heading through the tunnel, the beach is just in sight!

And here we are!  A socially distant beach.

With the view looking north...

And south, toward El Morro Point.

All you need is a towel.

With nobody around, even the flowers are getting a chance to bloom on the beach.

Last look back at the point from a walk up the beach...

There's certainly plenty of space to go around.  I hope you've enjoyed this trip to the beach.  With some luck, we'll all be out enjoying the world as we knew it, before too much longer.  In the meantime, hang in there and stay safe!

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