Friday, January 25, 2013

Tripping through Thailand

After nearly a month without any blog updates, I'm finally back!  Last entry I was doing my best to stay warm in a frosty Budapest.  Three weeks ago I left that continent for warmer climes.  Now I'm tripping around Thailand, defrosting on some of the regions best beaches.

Ko Phi Phi Don

It is definitely a nice place to spend some time for a struggling writer.  The air fare wasn't so cheap, but everything else around here is pretty reasonable.  The first four days I spent on Phi Phi island, which is probably the most expensive tourist area in the country.  I still managed my own private bungalow for $21 per night.  Granted, it was a bit of a dump, but steps from the beach shown above.

Ko Phi Phi Ley
 I also took a tour which stopped at this spot above, where the movie "The Beach" was filmed.  Pretty dramatic scenery.  Then I moved on to another island, Ko Phagnan, where I managed to find my own bungalow (nicer this time) on an isolated beach for $13 per night.  Eight days of swimming in the nice warm water, hiking in the jungle, and working on my latest writing project, a memoir of anecdotes from the life of a starving artist.  No starving at the moment, though.  Food here is cheap as well!