Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Writing in Oz

It's good to be back down under!  I've been here in Australia for about a week and a half now, visiting friends and now trying to settle in a little bit to write, surf and enjoy the ambiance of the place.  Today the surf was pretty small, so I didn't have to feel so bad when I saw this sign on the beach:

Well, it was going to be more of a writing day anyway.  You can't just mess around all the time, right?  These books won't write themselves!  So now I'm settled in to a nice cafe with a big mocha, trying to get a bit of work done.  Maybe time to turn my wifi off! :-)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Next Stop: Australia!

Well, the itinerant writer's tour is heading down under!  I'm off to Sydney in two more days.  When I was in high school I was an exchange student in Australia, in a smallish town in Queensland named Toowoomba.  Since that time, I visited Australia as often as I could to see old friends and travel.  Generally that meant once every five years or so.

Over the past ten years, however, as commodity prices soared, Australia got very expensive.  The economy is highly dependent on mineral resources, so their dollar went up, up, up.  Now, as commodity prices have crashed in the past six months, suddenly it's much more reasonable down there again.  So, after an 11 year hiatus, I'm headed back and can't wait to catch up with the friends I haven't seen in so long, and maybe have a few meat pies and Aussie beers, too.

Often when I'm leaving my home town of Laguna Beach and heading off to spend an extended period abroad, I feel a bit sad knowing that I won't be able to surf for a while.  This time, as I'll be taking a board along with me, I have none of those misgivings!

So off we go, to spend some time down under, catch up with people, surf, and of course, write.  What I end up working on next, and how long I'll stay down there,  I haven't entirely decided.  Sometimes it's nice to just go with the flow a little bit.  Or in my case, most times. :-)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Feels good to hit "publish!"

Phew, after what seemed like a lot longer than I expected, I finally got my latest version of the Bachelor Series up on Amazon.  Bachelor of Arts is now available for pre-sale!


This episode follows Samantha, who seems to have it all: a respected career as a celebrity lawyer, a handsome deputy D.A. boyfriend, a promising future... So why does one meeting with rebellious street artist Brent Cassady make her want to throw it all away?

Get it now if you want to save a few bucks!  This one will be reduced to $2.99 during pre-sale and will go up to $4.99 after its launch date on September 21st.