Friday, April 29, 2011

Finally Twittering

Well, after avoiding Twitter to this point, I finally broke down and signed up for an account yesterday. I have yet to actually type my first Tweet, but this is mainly because I don't actually have any followers yet. I suppose I should wait until I have a few before I try that out. I also have a few things to figure out first as well, like how to put these widgets (Follow IndieNovelist on Twitter) on my page, etc. Who knew being a writer in this day and age was so complicated?! Actually, I'm quite happy that I managed to get a good username. I was able to snag IndieNovelist. Pretty shocked that wasn't taken, really, but it's mine now! :-)

Also of note today, thanks to the writer Traci Hohenstein for featuring me among a list of Great Summer Beach Reads on her blog! Much appreciated, Traci!


  1. Looking forward to hearing how you find twitter, Kenneth, as I'm still avoiding it (for now)!

  2. Yes, I finally signed up when I saw that another independent writer, John Locke, had 20,000 followers. I figured maybe I was missing the boat! Now I'm up to 2 followers myself, so I'm well on my way! :-)