Thursday, February 9, 2012

Back in the High Sierra

One nice thing about being a writer is that I have the freedom to work wherever I choose.  At the moment that means Mammoth Lakes in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  I spent six years working here, first as an on-mountain photographer and then a ski and snowboard instructor.  Now I'm back for a month, but this time just to write.  Granted, the snowfall this year has been meager compared to usual, but there's still enough to spend my mornings writing and my afternoons skiing or snowboarding.

Yesterday I got out on my Nordic skis for a trip up around the lakes.  The shot above is of Lake Mamie, with Crystal Crag in the background.  The weather lately has been so nice, it is hard to stay indoors to write!  It's hard to complain too much about that, though.  Especially when my friends in Europe are suffering through such a brutally cold winter.  I'll count my blessings and take advantage of the Spring-like conditions we're having here.  After all, I can always write at night!

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