Monday, August 20, 2012

New Bike!

After going down to Laguna Beach to spend a few weeks seeing friends and family, I'm back in Mammoth Lakes now, in the Sierra Nevada mountains, plugging away at the final revisions of my new novel, Natalia.  Right now I expect to have it finished on Thursday, then spend Friday formatting it as an ebook, working on my blurb and sorting out any last issues I might have.  That leaves me on schedule to release the ebook version on Saturday, if all goes well.  And if I hit any stumbling blocks, then Sunday at the latest!

In the meantime, I got a new mountain bike last week, so I've been writing in the mornings and then heading out on the trails every afternoon.

I have to say, I'm pretty amazed by the bike.  Not that it's the greatest bike in the world, but it's not half bad considering I only paid $119 for it online from Walmart.  How can they sell a full-suspension mountain bike for $119?  Those Chinese are amazing...  Plus shipping was only .97 cents and it took just two days to arrive.  Wow.  So far I've been out on it about six times, which means if I spent $20 per day to rent a bike, I'd already have paid the same.  Hopefully it won't fall apart on me, but so far so good.

So now it is back to my revisions for the day.  Hopefully I'll have a productive morning so I can get out on the trails this afternoon with a clear conscience!

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  1. Looks pretty good and I spent about ten times that much on my mountain bike, whose the sucker now?