Friday, February 22, 2013

Back in Budapest

Well, after tripping through Thailand and Cambodia for the last six weeks, I've returned to Budapest.  I seem to have arrived just in time to catch the tail end of winter.  I woke this morning to snow and so far it hasn't stopped all day.

Now that I'm back I plan to put all of my effort into getting out my memoir.  It is very close now.  Tentative title is A Writer's Life: Memoirs of a Starving Artist, though that might change.  I'll start putting up sample chapters soon, so check back here in another week or two!


  1. It must have been so nice to have six weeks of respite from the cold weather but it sounds like you've been working and travelling, Kenneth. Looking forward to reading the sample chapters!

    Janice x

  2. Yeah, it was pretty nice to cheat winter for a bit! Good to be back here, too, though. I think I'm going to start posting samples tomorrow. "Memoir Mondays" for the next month or so and then release the book. Good luck with your own big "Voodoo Wedding" event coming up!!!