Thursday, December 19, 2013

Umm... thanks?

Anyone who stops by this blog from time to time knows that I came out with a new book last month, Memoirs of a Starving Artist.  I've worked away at marketing and promoting it, though sales have been modest.  Up until yesterday I'd sold about 15 ebook copies, mostly to friends and family.  I'd also sold four paperback copies, all to one close family friend.  Today I checked my paperback sales report and it says that I've sold 20 paperback copies in the past 24-hours.  ???  My natural reaction is to think that this must be some mistake.  I can't help but expect that those sales will vanish once the computer error is discovered.  Still, part of me is very cautiously hopeful that it might actually be true.  Perhaps just due to a lag in reporting?  From overseas sales?  In any case, if anyone out there reading this did actually buy a copy, I just wanted to convey my most heartfelt appreciation!  I hope you like the book!  And if those sales do all disappear, I'll stop back here for an update. :-)

Update: I've noticed that ten of these sales were to the same buyer.  At the same time, Amazon says on the books' product page that there are "Ten left in stock."  So I guess they are warehousing them and counting it as a sale on my report?  That still doesn't account for the ten other individual sales.  It's still a mystery to me...

Update #2: I'm thinking now that all 20 sales were just Amazon ordering the books to stock them in the warehouse.  It's a bit funny for a book that has only sold 4 copies to date, but I'm not complaining!

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