Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rubbing Shoulders with Giants

After 25 years of rejections from the publishing industry, it certainly is a relief that I am able to finally put my books out on my own these days.  It is even better when I manage an occasional sales boost that lifts me up on Amazon bestseller lists alongside some of my writing idols.

This week I dropped the price on Memoirs of a Starving Artist down to 99 cents and am running some ads to support the sale.  I woke up today to find that I was sitting at number seven on the Author Biographies and Memoirs list, just behind Maya Angelou.

On the Travelogues list I was just ahead of Jon Krakauer and Bill Bryson.

Of course I realize that without these ads and the low price, I'll drop like a rock, but there is still some small thrill in being right up there alongside these literary giants, however fleeting it may be!  And hey, maybe I'll even manage to keep up some momentum.  That dream itself is enough to keep me plugging away...

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