Monday, May 25, 2015

Closing Day at Mammoth Mountain

It's official!  We can call it a season for skiing and snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain here in California.  The ski resort closed down for the year this afternoon, but I managed to get out to enjoy it and make some turns these last few days.

It was actually the worst ski season in nearly 40 years here in California due to the drought, and Mammoth was due to close weeks ago, but a few late season storms dropped enough snow to extend it through Memorial Day.

I always enjoy being up here in the spring to ski a bit and write a bit.  Now I guess I'll be writing a bit more.

With a warming trend on the way, though, it should be good for hiking from here on out, at least at the lower elevations.  So maybe I won't write quite so much after all...

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