Thursday, August 6, 2015

Good to be in Laguna Beach

As we move through these lazy days of summer, it's good to be spending some time back home in Laguna Beach, California!  Being here takes me back to my childhood, when I spent days on end lounging on these sands and swimming in the great blue Pacific with friends.

It's hard to beat this place in the summer, and I remind myself how lucky I am to call it home.  Now I've got to cut this short, as one of those childhood friends is on his way over to pick me up for a surf session!  I guess the writing will have to wait today. :-)

Update: Ok, back home after a nice surf session, with shoulder-high waves, glassy conditions and even a juvenile great white shark paying us a visit in the lineup.  They make regular appearances at this spot just south of San Onofre and I got a great view of his dorsal fin as he cruised on by.  Luckily he seemed to be minding his own business.  Now it's on to the writing for the day!

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