Friday, December 10, 2010

First post

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am a struggling novelist who, after more than 20 years of failing to find either an agent or publisher for my work, has finally decided to embrace the e-book revolution and self publish my work for Kindle and other e-book platforms, as well as paperback editions available through Amazon. I posted my first book, No Cure for the Broken Hearted, one week ago and so far have a total of 13 sales, at .99 cents each (.35 cents each goes to me, woo hooo!!).

I've decided to start this blog as a way to chronicle my journey through what I consider to be an interesting experiment. Were all of those agents and publishers who rejected me correct in their assessment of my work, or is there a market out there that I can find on my own? There's only one way to find out, right? So here goes nothing. We'll see what happens. I plan to release a few more of my novels in the next several months, as I finish final revisions. In the meantime I'll be back here to post updates and perhaps some random observations as this experiment unfolds. Thanks for stopping by!


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