Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Experiment in Free: Update

Well today is the second day with my novel Sweet Ophelia available free for Kindle on  So far it has been free there for 32 hours and I've had 12,490 downloads, or 390 per hour.  Not too bad.  It has gone from #35,000 on the free bestseller list to #4.  It is also free on Amazon UK, where it has had 7233 downloads in six days and is now at #5 on the free bestseller list.

I have to say, I find these numbers somewhat astounding.  Now comes the next part of the experiment.  Tonight I will switch my price back to .99 cents on some of the other sites and see how long it takes Amazon to match.  After that I'm hoping the momentum will carry through to some sales, but we'll see.  It is just an experiment after all, but so far it has been quite an interesting one!

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