Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sweet Ophelia

Well, for those who follow this blog, you might have seen an occasional post in which I've considered different title and cover combinations for my latest novel.  The first title, Sweet Ophelia and the Tinseltown Blues, along with the cover image of a heavily made-up woman's face, obviously didn't connect with readers.  In fact, I only sold one copy of this novel in the last three weeks, and that was with the price set at .99 cents!

I had tried changing the cover to put up an image of a broken heart, but that didn't fare any better.  In a week with that cover I didn't have a single sale.  I switched back to the original and then started advertising three days ago on Goodreads.  It ends up that my ad had 9,090 page views, resulting in a grand total of two clicks!  And zero sales.  Wow.  Talk about striking out!

So I woke up this morning and decided to try something else.  First, I've cut the title down to just Sweet Ophelia.  Second, I've put together a new cover, as follows:

Now I realize that it still doesn't tell the reader much about what type of book this really is.  To address that issue, I've added a clarification on the Amazon and B&N title pages.  When you see the title on those pages, it says Sweet Ophelia (A Romantic Comedy).  So will this all finally turn things around?  Only time will tell.  I figure if I can manage one a week I'll have tripled my sales!  Fingers crossed, anyway.  :-)


  1. Kenneth

    half way through this amazing novel and enjoying story, as well as the creative characters!

    david in maine

  2. Thanks David, I hope you like the second half, too!

  3. 75% into sweet Ophelia
    Wonderful book enjoyed every page so far
    Well done
    I will be buying your next book as soon as I have finished

    Best wishes

  4. Thanks Alan, I appreciate the comment. I'm glad to hear that you're liking the book so far!