Friday, April 6, 2012

Lisbon afternoon

I walked around Lisbon yesterday afternoon with my new camera, shooting some video clips of the city, so I decided to upload my first blog video!  Here it is:


  1. Enjoyed seeing the video, Kenneth. Lisbon looks really nice - and they have trams. Edinburgh will have trams one day, hopefully, as half the roads have been closed off for years while they have been laying the track. No trams yet though!

    Are you getting lots of writing done?

    I have 'tagged' you in The Lucky 7 Challenge. - Details on my blog.


  2. Yes, the trams are pretty cool. I hope you finally get some in Edinburgh! I am getting some writing done, too, but these things always take a lot longer than I expect...

    I'll pop on over to your blog to check out the challenge!