Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some More Natalia covers

Well, I'm still working away at my latest novel, Natalia.  These things always take me longer than I expect, but hopefully it will be ready before too long.  In the meantime, I'm still playing around with cover possibilities.  Here are a few more today: 

I like the fact that the model looks very much like I picture my character, and also the Russian hat works.  On top of that, most of the photos you find with girls and guns are blatantly sexual, which I don't think is a particularly good idea for this novel.  Any comments or suggestions are definitely appreciated.  Does one of these stand out more than the other?  Am I on the right track with the font?  Does the gray color work?  Or is it too plain?  Or is the whole thing just cheesy and amateurish?  Remember, honesty is the best policy! ;-) As usual, the little swirls will disappear once I decide which image to buy.  Thanks!

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