Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photo of the Day: Mt. Whitney

I started out the day waking up to this view of Mount Whitney, highest peak in the continental U.S., as the sun came up:

I was camping out down in the Alabama Hills on the way back up to Mammoth Lakes from So Cal.  The Alabama Hills are famous as a place where a great many old Western movies were filmed back in the day.  I did climb up this peak once, a long time ago.  Quite a view from the top!

And I ended the day by finally uploading my new novel, Natalia, to Amazon!  Phew!  That last little bit of formatting is always tricky.  Now it should take about 12 hours for it to be reviewed and then show up.  After all of the hard work, it is time to cross my fingers and hope that people actually like it!

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