Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tinseltown Blues

I've decided to change things up a little bit with my novel Sweet Ophelia.  I'm very proud of that story, though it never did sell quite as well as I'd hoped.  A huge part of the equation is whether or not readers connect with the cover, title and description.  With Sweet Ophelia, I don't think they ever really did.

So, I've created a new title and cover.  This time around I'm trying out Tinseltown Blues.  I honestly don't know if that's any better, but I figure it's worth a try to find out.  Here is the new cover:

I'd be interested to hear what people think of this one.  Maybe it is too late and this ship has already sailed, but we'll see if it does any better this time around...


  1. I like the new title and cover (and you know I loved the novel!) I think one of the great things about being an Indie Author is that you can change and adapt quickly to reader expectations - and in the current publishing climate that changes constantly - so it's never to late or too early to try something new and exciting. Good luck Kenneth!

    Janice x

  2. Thanks, Janice, I appreciate the support! I like this cover, too, but people on the Kindle Boards thought it looked too much like a crime novel, and I guess they have a point. I decided to go with this one for now: