Friday, March 25, 2011

Mini blog tour

When I first started out with independent publishing a few months ago, I saw people mentioning "blog tours." I had no idea what this meant. I could understand a book tour, where you go from bookstore to bookstore, but what was a blog tour? Well, it ends up it's when a writer appears on a bunch of blogs all at once to promote their book. Now, partly by coincidence, I'm having my own mini-blog tour. In the past few days me and my book have been featured in one way or another on three different blogs:

First is the writer Janice Horton, who is launching her own romance, Bagpipes and Bullshot, on April 1st. Check back here for an interview with Janice next week. Today she was kind enough to feature an interview of me on her blog.

Next I had a very nice review posted yesterday on the Book Loving Mommy blog.

And finally, I was given the opportunity to write a guest post on how it came about that a man is writing romance on the Ex Libris blog. Stella at Ex Libris is also holding a giveaway of one paperback in the U.S. and one ebook for an international reader, so if anyone wants to sign up you can head over there. Thanks!

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  1. Great interviews - particularly with the writer Janice Horton. Gosh, everyone should buy her book Bagpipes & Bullshot (te-he!!!)

    Actually, Kenneth, I loved the Ex Libris one - so very interesting to hear about your writer journey. We all have them - those of us who are writers that is...