Monday, March 7, 2011

One year older

I find myself feeling a little philosophical today as I turn another year older. It was forty five years ago on this date that I came into the world, kicking like mad, in Cleveland, Ohio; a born soccer player no doubt. Where has the time gone? When I think back on my life so far, and all of the things I have done, it does seem like I've packed a lot into those years. At the same time, I've always lived a little bit in denial. As my friends have married, bought houses, had kids and settled down, I've bounced around the world like a college kid on perpetual break. Life as a starving writer has been a struggle at times, but I've managed to keep it interesting, working countless different jobs and living all around the world. So where to from here? That's a question I'm always asking myself. One thing I've accumulated in all these years is a long list of friends to visit, in all sorts of places. Hopefully this coming year I'll see as many of them as possible, and maybe even make a few more. So on this day of my birth, I'll take a moment to appreciate the good things in my life; the friends and family that make it worth living. Thanks to all!


  1. Happy birthday to you (and me, actually as mine the 7th March too!)Kenneth for yesterday. I found your blog via Amazon and, as I downloaded your book NCFTBH in January and absolutely loved it, I thought I'd stop by and say hello and wish you continued success. I'm certainly looking forward to reading your next book.
    I'm a writer too, live in Scotland UK and have a blog at

  2. Hey, thanks Janice and happy birthday to you too! What a nice coincidence that we share the same day! Good luck with your writing, as well. I'll go check out your blog right now. :-)