Sunday, May 29, 2011

A rainy Sunday

Today was cool and damp here in Tallinn, which made for a good day to write. I ended up inside a little cafe in the Old Town, pictured here on the right. One thing about walking around Old Town Tallinn is that it doesn't take much to make believe you've been transported back to medieval times. Indeed, these streets look much the same today as they have for centuries, with ancient city walls and gates still largely intact after more than 600 years. This city is living, breathing history. As a writer here, I'm also in good company historically speaking. Three doors or so down from the apartment in which I'm staying is a house where Fyodor Dostoevski once stayed. The year was 1840, and Dostoevski was a young university student, visiting his brother who attended school here. Today a marble plaque attached to the exterior marks the building. Maybe with some luck, the great Russian novelist's influence will rub off on me. Or at least perhaps I'll be similarly inspired!

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