Friday, May 13, 2011

Sweet Ophelia excerpt

Well, I'm still working away at revisions on Sweet Ophelia and the Tinseltown Blues and I feel pretty good about how things are coming along. I'm not quite sure when I'll be able to consider it finished yet. At some point I'll have to just walk away and leave it, for better or for worse, but at the moment I think I can still make some improvements. In the meantime I've decided to put an excerpt up on my website. If anyone is interested in taking a look, you can find it here:

Any thoughts or comments appreciated. Thanks!


  1. Hi Kenneth - I've just awarded you an 'award' on my blog this week so do pop over and collect it.
    Now I'm off to your website to read your teaser for 'Ophelia'.

  2. Wonderful wonderful wonderful - loved it and want more! A seriously great start to the novel, Kenneth. The characters are real and I loved Warren (even though I also thought I could smell him)and the food scoffing scene with the security guard after him was totally fab! Please do send me the beta version - although I also promise to buy the book as soon as it's out there.

  3. Thanks, Janice, I'm very glad to hear that you liked it! This is an encouraging sign! I'll definitely send you the beta, hopefully by the end of the week (knock on wood).