Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blogging on the Baltic

Today's post comes from a boat in the middle of the Baltic Sea!  I've left Tallinn behind, at least for the time being, and am heading for Helsinki.  The last time I was in this part of Europe was nine years ago.  I moved to Tallinn for about four months and settled in a little bit to work on a novel.  During that stay I got to be good friends with two local guys, Aivar and Peeter, and they helped make my time in Tallinn the memorable experience that it was.  This time I enjoyed catching up with them over the past month, including last night when we went out for a last few beers.

Thanks guys!  I also had a chance to catch up yesterday with another friend from that trip, Marina, who met me for coffee.  Happy birthday Marina! 

So while this stay in Tallinn was shorter, it has also provided me with a lot of good memories and new friends.  Hopefully I'll be back before too long.  Now it's off to celebrate a rainy midsummer holiday at the summer cottage of an old friend and her family in Finland.  Off the grid for the next few days...

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