Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Old Town

So after a brief detour yesterday, I've decided to get back to posting a few more photos of Old Town Tallinn today. As I mentioned in a previous post, sometimes walking around Old Town I feel as though I've stepped into a time machine and gone back to the Middle Ages. This is especially true around some of the less-traveled back streets, where there are very few cars and hardly even any people walking about.

Even in the area around the central square, the tourist crush is not quite as bad as I first anticipated. Much like last time I visited nine years ago, it does get quite crowded when there is a cruise ship (or two) in town. In between these times, however, it is fairly manageable. We'll see how this goes as summer gets into full swing! (At right is the same quiet back street as above, a little further down.)

Currently the Old Town Days Festival is in full swing, which means concerts and events all over town. The other evening I was lucky enough to find my way to a music school just up the street, where the local singer Mari Kalkun was performing. I think I was the only foreigner in the place, and even though I didn't understand a word, it was still fantastic! She's got quite a voice on her. (At left, the same quiet back street yet again.)

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