Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Patarei Prison

 Today I thought I'd just add some more photos from my visit to Patarei Prison, which closed down in 2006.  When you go there now, the grounds are open to the public as a "Cultural Park."  Nothing much has been done to improve the grounds since the prison closed.  They just threw open the gates.  There is rubble all over, and razor wire strewn about (watch out, kids!).  You can clamber up a rusty ladder to check out the guard towers if you'd like and nobody seems to care.  In fact, there's hardly anybody around even.  Inside one of the towers I found old Russian language newspapers dated from before the prison closed.  If you pay 2 Euros you can go into the inside yard (pictured above) and wander around in some of the damp and gloomy prison wings to your heart's content.
Many of the rooms were left as they were.  Prisoner's books and water bottles and magazines are still strewn about some of the rooms.
 I wouldn't want to have any surgery here.
 Thirty minutes a day in one of these tiny "walking" yards.
 The view to freedom...

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  1. It made me shiver looking at those photos. What a scary place!