Monday, July 25, 2011

Funky Little Cars

One thing that I think is pretty cool about Budapest, as well as other places in Eastern Europe that I've visited, is the proliferation of funky little old cars.  Some are old Soviet-era Ladas, or Skodas from the former Czechoslovakia.  This one above I'm not so sure about, but it looks like it could come from Italy, perhaps.  The front name plate was torn off, and I forgot to check the back...

The thing about these cars that I like is that while they are quite old, and have a certain style about them, they are kept on the road not for sentimental or stylistic reasons, but simply out of necessity.  People just keep them going and going because they can't afford a new one (I suppose anyway).  Maybe my appreciation comes from the fact that back home I drive a 1988 Jeep that I've patched up myself many times over the years.  I'd love to ship one of these funky old cars home with me.  If only I could get it to pass the smog inspection...


  1. Haha - that looks like a version of my car!
    I have a fabulous white retro-styled Fiat 500. I love it. I feel like Sophia Loren every time I drive it! I am a fairly small person however at just 5'2" and I fit into it with space to spare but - my husband and three sons do struggle getting in and out if I ever offer them a lift!

  2. Ha, I'm sure you look fabulous driving it Janice! Does it have a big sunroof, too?

  3. Mm, funky is the right word for it. It's great to see cars with uncommon designs on the streets, no? It's quite fun to spot those four-wheeled eye candies. Fabulous stuff!

  4. Thanks Tari, it is fun to spot them! And to see who's driving them sometimes, too. :-)