Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sweet Ophelia update

So close now!!!  I'm working on the very last chapter of my latest draft of Sweet Ophelia and the Tinseltown Blues.  After that, a few more tweaks and it will be off to friends and family to help me edit it.  Thanks to my parents and to Janice Horton for comments on my previous draft.  There was one plot point that I've agonized over a fair bit.  If I go one way, it gives the lead character a bit stronger personality, but lacks some small degree of truthfulness.  If I go the other way, it makes that character more complicated, and adds some depth.  First I wrote it out one way, and now I've nearly finished the second.  Maybe this is all too much information, but I think I've settled on the second way.  I'll see what some other people think before I decide for sure.  The bottom line, is, I'm doing my best to get it done and up by the end of the month.  Fingers crossed... :-)


  1. How exciting - I can't wait to read an 'alternative' version - which I'm sure will be wonderful. Uncross those fingers and keep writing/editing, Kenneth!

  2. Ah, all done, what a relief! Thanks Janice! Now I just need to wait for a friend to edit it for me and I'll be ready to go...