Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to the Beach!

Well, after weeks of cool and often rainy weather this summer, things have really turned around again in a big way here in Budapest.  The sun is out and temps are climbing back into the 90's (30's C).  This morning I stopped off to get some pastries and sat down on a bench to eat them on the way to one of my favorite writing cafes.  All of a sudden, a girl riding past on her bike stopped to say hello.  It ends up it was my friend Marti, who I met in Budapest two years ago and hadn't seen since!  We'd lost touch and while I'd considered looking her up again when I came back this summer, somehow I never got around to it.  Now here she was, right in front of me!  It was quite a nice surprise.  Marti runs bicycle tours in the city, but didn't have any clients for the day.  That afternoon she was heading to Palatinus Strand, the large swimming pool and thermal bath complex on Margaret Island in the Danube, and she asked if I wanted to come along.  How could I refuse an offer like that?!  It is times like this that being a writer is such a luxury.  I headed off to the cafe for a couple of hours, and then met up with Marti and some of her friends for an afternoon at the pool.  Ah, the good life. :-)

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