Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Library is Open!

Normally that statement probably wouldn't elicit much excitement, but for me the fact that the city library in Budapest is back open is kind of a big deal.  Every year they close the library for the month of July.  Since I arrived in late June, I hadn't actually had a chance to visit the library until this week, but last time I was here in 2009 I used to like to write at the city library regularly.  At that time I was living in the same neighborhood, so it was easy to stroll on over.

This time I live about a 25 minute bike ride away, which still isn't bad.  The Szabo Ervin municipal library is an amazing place to work.  The building is a former palace that was renovated and turned into the main library branch for the city.  The first few floors are fairly modern and look like any other library, but the top floor is stunning.  The rooms were kept intact, with work tables added and some comfy chairs by the fireplaces.

It is easy to lose oneself to imagination here, and pretend that you are royalty, living in luxury.  At the very least, it is the most spectacular city library I've ever seen, and now that it is open, it is back among my regular haunts for getting a bit of writing done.  And a bonus!  They charge for Internet, so as long as I don't pay the fee, that's one less distraction getting in my way!


  1. What a work of art the whole building is - it's fabulous! I could certainly work there as it looks so inspiring with all those bookcases and the amazing light. Lucky you!
    Thank you for your email Kenneth, it was fun chasing you on the Amazon chart for a wee while and I thought you'd enjoy seeing the screen shot. Lol!

  2. Yes, I did enjoy seeing that screen shot! Nice to be in such good company on the chart! :-)