Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fading Days of Summer

After a week with temperatures in the 90's (30's C), it is finally on the cool side today here in Budapest.  There is the sense that the days of summer are coming to an end, both in the temperature shift and the attitude of the people who live here and know that these hot and sunny days won't last forever.

Coming from Southern California, the concept of the end of summer is a completely different one.  Back in Laguna Beach, fall simply means the time of year when you can go to the beach without all of the crowds.  Even winter gives you the occasional balmy beach day.  Here there is the sense that one must take advantage of the summer days while they last.

In that spirit, I took a bike trip with some friends yesterday a few hours north of the city, where there is a nice sandy beach on an island in the Danube.

Closer to the city nobody dares swim in the river, but here the water is deemed to be relatively clean.  It was a beautiful afternoon and I did my best to appreciate it and store that memory away for the cooler days that inevitably lay ahead.

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