Thursday, September 1, 2011

Home Sweet Home?

Yesterday a friend of mine here in Budapest showed me a park I'd never known about before.  It is called Kopaszi Gat, and it is on the south end of the city, on the Buda side.  This place was terrific, and just developed in the last year or so I was told.  It is formed around a peninsula in the Danube and includes manicured gardens, lawns overlooking the water, a small bay, beaches, and a long string of nice little cafes.

One thing that struck me was the cafe pictured above.  The town I come from in California is Laguna Beach.  Usually when I'm abroad I tell people I'm from Los Angeles, because I figure they've never heard of this small town of 28,000 people.  Well, perhaps I'm wrong.  This cafe was actually named Laguna Beach!

Maybe I should go back and see if they'll give me a discount if I show my ID. :-)

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