Friday, September 2, 2011

More Funky Little Cars

I still love all of the funky little cars I see on the streets of Budapest.  These little work horses somehow just keep going and going, even as they slowly rust away.  Here are a few more.  Below is an old Trabant, built in East Germany (GDR) and a remnant of the communist era:

And this one is a Fiat.  They say that "Fiat" stands for "Fix it again, Tony," but obviously Tony has done a pretty good job of keeping this little beauty on the road. :-)


  1. Fix It Again Tony? I'll have you know I have a wee Fiat, Mr Rosenberg, and you are on dangerous ground. Lol!!!

  2. Ha, yes, I do remember! And I'll take it that in your case Tony gets a break, then? :-)