Friday, January 27, 2012

You can take it with you

Your camera, that is!  I posted a few weeks ago about how I got a new camera, but I've hardly used it since.  I sort of feel like there's nothing much to take pictures of around here in Laguna Beach, since it is all so familiar to me.  No point in taking a bunch of identical pictures of the beach over and over, right?  This morning I looked at the camera on my desk and thought about bringing it along, but ended up leaving it behind when I went for a morning walk.  Well, it ends up there was a huge pod of dolphins frolicking in the surf just near the shore!  Among them were a bunch of newborn calves, bobbing their noses up out of the water and practicing waving their tails in the air.  And me without my camera.  Sigh...  Oh well, hopefully I learned my lesson!  Next time I'll have to bring it along...

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