Thursday, November 10, 2011

Finally got to meet Stella!

Earlier this year, after I finished No Cure for the Broken Hearted, I contacted some book blogs to see if they might help me spread the word.  One blogger who really helped me out was Stella from the Ex Libris blog.  She let me put a guest post on her blog, as well as the Book Lover's Inc. blog.  When I came out with Sweet Ophelia, she graciously helped me out again with two more guest posts.  Somewhere along the way I mentioned to her that I was living and writing in Budapest for a while.  Well, it ended up that Stella lives in Budapest as well.  I had no idea!  For some reason I thought she lived in the U.S., but she was actually born and raised here in Budapest.  Of course, we decided that we must get together for some cake and coffee.

Well, busy schedules intervened, and after four months we still hadn't met.  Now I am planning to head back home to California next week, so we redoubled our efforts and today we finally got together!

It was really great to finally meet Stella.  Since I became involved in this e-book revolution last year I've made a lot of good friends online, but to meet one of them in person added a whole new dimension to this grand experiment.  Thanks Stella, and I hope our paths cross again before too long!


  1. Hi Kenneth - how fabulous that you got to meet Stella - and in Budapest too. It's a small world isn't it? Do please post up your guest blogs as links, because if I'd seen them (and I would love to read them)I(and others no doubt)would certainly have happily tweeted and shared them.

    Hope you had a fabulous summer in Europe - you must come to Scotland next time - and I look forward to hearing of your adventures back in ca

  2. Ah yes, good point about the links. I guess I'm a bit slow. I'll paste them below in a little bit in case you still have an interest in seeing them.

    I did have a nice summer here in Europe, and Scotland sounds like an excellent idea! Hopefully I'll make it there for a visit before too long!