Friday, November 4, 2011

Quite a Boost

Well it has now been three days since Sweet Ophelia went back to .99 cents on  (Though as of yet it is still free on Amazon UK).  In the six weeks before going free, I sold about five copies at that price.  The book was just hiding there amongst the multitudes and nobody seemed to be finding it.  During the week or so that it was free, I had about 45,000 downloads (and counting on Amazon UK).  The book climbed to #3 on the free bestsellers list.  Now, in the three days since the price went back on I've managed to sell about 900 copies.  Not half bad!  I would definitely say that this experiment was a success.  From 1 book sold per week to 300 sold per day is quite extraordinary.  Now I figure I'll keep the price at .99 cents for another week to ride the momentum before raising it up a bit more.  Thanks to everyone who downloaded the book and helped give it some exposure, and to everyone who is willing to pay a bit for it, too.  Your support is much appreciated!


  1. Oh wow - that really is some success! I just checked - it's still free here in the UK. I do hope you have the same success on this side of the pond, Kenneth. Getting a boook noticed and into the chart is the hardest thing - but once you are there you should be there to stay with this great book - it's such a fab read!

    But then, I'm already looking forward to your next!

  2. Yeah, I've been trying to get them to put a price back on it in the UK for the past ten days now with no luck. Hopefully sometime soon! Thanks for the comment, and the encouragement to focus on getting that next one done! :-)