Monday, November 28, 2011

Sweet Ophelia paperback

Three and a half months after Sweet Ophelia went live as an ebook, I finally got the paperback version up on Amazon!  I received my proof in the mail a few days ago, and there is something about holding a physical copy of your book in hand that is hard to beat.  Just feeling the weight of it, and flipping through all of those pages of text, somehow make the accomplishment seem that much more real.  I love ebooks, and the whole digital publishing revolution, but I still hope that paper books never completely go away.  The smell of the paper, the smooth feel of the cover, and the presence of the book on my shelf are true reminders that I really did it after all.  I finished this book that I worked on for so long!  No matter how many copies it sells, or doesn't sell, that sense of satisfaction is one thing that nobody can ever take away...  :-)

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